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The Pilates Magic Circle was developed by Joseph Pilates

The Pilates Magic Circle

The PilatesMagic Circle – is a soft rubber ring gives resistance for much faster, more targeted toning, boosting muscle stamina throughout the body specifically in trouble areas like the inner and external thighs, arms, upper body, even the pelvic muscular tissues.

This expert top quality Magic Circle can be utilized alone or included in your pilates reformer exercise. This Magic Circle features create molded grips to fit easily against your body with an impermeable, shaped cushioning that stands up to wetness.

The Pilates Magic Circle was produced by Joseph Pilates to be a functional workout accessory that you might utilize anywhere. The soft rubber ring offers resistance for much faster, extra targeted toning to improve muscle stamina throughout the body– and particularly in issue locations including the inner as well as outer thighs, upper arms, breast, as well as the pelvic muscular tissues.


This Magic Circle flaunts professional quality, nonporous shaped padding with form-molded grips to fit easily versus your body, over a steel core ring. The pilates fitness circle ring can be utilized alone or added to a Pilates reformer workout.