TheraBand. Stretch Strap with Loops to Increase Flexibility,


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Stretch Strap with Loops to Increase Flexibility,

Dynamic Stretching Tool for Athletes Including Dancers, Cheerleaders, Gymnasts, Runners, Pilates

theraband stretch straps

The TheraBand Stretch Strap was designed to promote both static & “contract-relax” stretching, making it a functional tool for individuals & athletes. The Stretching Strap is as reliable as contract-relax partner stretching at enhancing versatility without the need for a partner.

A boost from a typical elastic resistance band permits even more targeted stretching. The flexible stretching tool supplies a much more efficient ‘dynamic’ stretch vs. fixed stretching or fixed stretching strap

A dynamic stretch is an energetic stretch that relocates the muscle in it’s complete series of activity as well as isn’t related to a loss in strength or efficiency like some researches may have shown with static stretching. TheraBand makes a variety of comparable products designed to assist in rehabilitation, recuperation, and reinforcing, including flexible resistance bands as well as tubes, huge exercise balls, Flexbars, soft weights, and plenty of various other useful house workout basics.

theraband stretch straps

TheraBand Stretch Strap

Dynamic and Static Stretching Device

Boost your flexibility and also series of movement with the TheraBand Stretch Strap, a revolutionary and vibrant substitute to static stretching tools or companion stretching. The Stretch Strap’s flexible layout makes it possible for an extremely effective contract-relax stretch, while the item’s mild offer supports a more comfy static stretch. This useful dual objective aids in vibrant stretching of significant muscle teams like the gastroc, rectus femoris, soleus and hamstring.

Easy to Use Design

The Stretch Strap numbered, multi-loop style helps individuals easily stretch for performance improvement, boosted versatility, or injury prevention. The TheraBand Stretch Strap provides a dynamic stretch that supports a variety of hand and foot holds to deliver ideal positioning, and the numbered bands allow for measurable as well as defined progress tracking.

Versatile Layout

The Stretch Strap, made from double-stitched, high-tension nylon flexible, is optimal for newbies and professionals alike and gives the best stretch for professional dancers, athletes, and any individual wanting to boost their adaptability. The Stretch Strap is mobile and also easy to use, supplying you with a stretch help that can be used in the house and also on the go.

theraband stretch straps

Benefits of Dynamic Stretching

While static stretching declines instant muscle performance, dynamic stretching agreements the target muscle mass, then stretches it for prompt gains in range of motion without compromising muscular tissue performance.

A lot of vibrant contract-relax stretches need a companion, however the TheraBand Stretch Strap was developed to sustain both static and contract-relax stretching without needing extra assistance. Research reveals the Stretch Strap is as effective at enhancing range of movement as conventional partner stretching.

Just how It Works

Each vibrant stretch has a beginning setting as well as two stages: agreement and also relax-stretch. Throughout the stretch, the numbers on the strap can be utilized to track development of movement as well as adaptability. The special design and long lasting product helps with pelvic security and also correct leg/torso positioning, which guarantees you can repeat the same stretch each time you do it.

Each Stretch Strap features thorough guidelines for 15 different stretching workouts, however the variety of possible exercises is infinite. These stretches help in reducing the threat of injury, enhance athletic efficiency, and also decrease muscle mass rigidity as well as joint stiffness.



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