Body Lift headstander yoga



Benefits of the Body Lift Headstander

Anyone who needs to reduce stress and recieve the many benefits of practicing a yoga based headstand but have been afraid that they can not manage it on their own, will love to use this body lift headstander yoga

Even the more Experienced yoga practitioners will delight in the ease of maintaining this relaxed version of a favorite asana

When using the headstander your shoulders rest on a thick cushion, keeping your head off the floor while gently stretching the neck and performing on the headstander yoga.

It is typically used next to a wall to help with balance and make it possible for you to release your arms and completely relax.

However, the more experienced yoga practitioners who are using it due to neck strain or injury may also move it away from the wall, doing all their favorite leg variations and twists, since the headstander is sturdy and well balanced and has room for your hands.

The frame is made of steel and there is a T-shaped insert that conveniently turns the Headstander yoga into a 13″ tall stool.

Benefits of the Bodylift yoga headstand

headstander yoga
  • improve circulation
  • relieve anxiety and stress
  • improve digestion and metabolism
  • Help reduce varicose veins
  • Relieves fluid buildup in the legs and feet
  • Tones the abdominals and legs
  • Stimulates the nervous system
  • Improves posture and strengthens the lungs
  • May reverse the effects of sleep loss, lethargy, and memory loss
  • Increases the glow of face and decreases the dark circles around the eyes by raising the blood flow to the brain
  • Decongest internal organs: kidneys, liver, intestines, stomach and reproductive organs by reversing the gravity pull
  • Aids in the treatment of headaches, sinusitis, hay fever, diabetes, depression and symptoms of menopause


The first headstander Yoga of it’s kind, 40 year safety track record

headstander yoga

The bodylift  headstand will help you perform a yoga headstand safely and easily without straining your neck. Those beginners to yoga may not be strong enough or flexible enough to do a traditional yoga headstand correctly and end up in a wobbly position attempting to balance the rest of the body.

This may overstretch or over-compress the neck vertebrae and discs. The bodylift, however, helps support your neck.Your shoulders rest on the foam cushion. Your head remains off the floor. Your neck stretches naturally to relieve tension and headaches.




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