Physix Gear – Best Heavy Duty Resistance Bands for Assisted Pullups, Improve Mobility & Strength



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Spice up your fitness routine with your New Physix Resistance Bands. Physix Bands are designed for any fitness level, allowing high-velocity workouts or slow paced, giving you the best exercise lifting & flex benefits! Get the Perfect addition for mobility boost, powerlifting, Home Gym, or Physical Therapy.

Our Team at Physix Gear Sport are revolutionizing the Fitness and Health market, holding dear to one mission, and that’s to inject a more user friendly experience fitness without compromising product quality.

Physio resistance bands - rubber bands

Your Life, Your Control.

Feel peace of mind as Your Durable Physix Resistance Bands are designed with resistive Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR), a stronger latex, providing lighter yet tougher bands for your ultimate full body toning routines.

Bring the Gym home with these New amazing durable Physix Power Bands. Customers agree, Physix Fitness and Resistance-Bands are surprisingly simple and effective.

Grab Success in the palm of your hands!

Travel with Confidence

No Gym at the Hotel. No Problem. Your new travel ready Resistance Bands provide multiple muscle toning exercises you’ll fall in love with. Feel those thighs and glutes tightening after just one workout! Get the ultimate chest pump and shulder burn with amazing exercise options.

New Rugged Lightweight design Wraps around Feet, Arm, Knee, thighs, & Ankles providing an Aerobic advantage for Beginners or Advanced users.

We at Physix Gear Sport have invested several months designing a durable Resistance Physix Bands that last!

Feel Safe with a product that works for you, and within your schedule!

Balance Life, With A Gym In Your Pocket

Feel delighted as your Physix Bands and inclusive Loop Band travel bag are delivered to your doorstep. Immediately notice how simply they fit nicely in your Gym Bag! Feel the Tough Wear & tear fatigue resistant rubber material, designed to last!

As a small family business, We at Physix Gear Sport entered into a fitness and health industry saturated with millions of product, but have focused only on bringing you, proven, premium, effective products, that work!

Get Simple effective results anywhere, anytime with the amazing Physix Gear Bands.

LEAVE COMPETITION IN THE DUST – Arriving with a Free Travel Bag Your New Physix Resistance Bands brings the Gym to you! Whether at Home or on the road Get enhanced Stretch assist full body pump in less than 20 minutes. Feel the confidence with Heavy Duty assisted pull ups bands that last.

Physix Bands are versatile designed for Explosive Powerlifting exercises and perfect for CrossFit. With a lifetime warranty Your New Physix Bands are just what you need to turn boring into NEW exciting results!

ALL SKILL LEVELS – Whether just starting your fitness journey or a seasoned athlete, Physix Gear Heavy Duty Bands will help you take fitness training or rehab to the next level.

As you Gradually build strength These addictive bands provide endless growth providing multiple levels of training resistance. Grab the thicker band then add the smaller band to squeeze out a few additional reps.

Physio resistance bands - rubber bands

As your strength gradually increases switch from double bands to the thicker bands. The sky’s your limit! TURN BORING INTO EXCITING – Build explosive strength by complimenting Squat, Bench & standard barbells machines & dumbbells.

Feel the progressive resistance enhance traditional routines like TRX and Chin Ups bringing faster results. Build strength & tone Glutes. Muscle building has never been more fun as you Feel Confident With resistance training that isolates every part of movement resulting in better range of motion strength an a more complete stimulation promoting muscle growth.

BALANCE LIFE ON THE GO! Feel the ultimate satisfaction as your versatile Physix Resistance Bands are perfect for dynamic workouts with or without weights. Keep one in your car work or in your locker so you never lose a step.

Physix Bands are designed for pull up training and Compact Area Exercises. Perfect addition for adding resistances to bench press squats and Olympic lifts. Feel the freedom with Physix Bands Ideal for exercising while on the Go or small spaces! Never lose what you’ve built again! 100 MONEY BACK GUARANTEE –

With hundreds of options available you are making a very intelligent decision doing business with Physix Gear Sport. We know you’re a big deal and we’ll only provide you with the finest product and service around or your money back -No questions asked!

Add your Physix Resistance Bands to your Cart and experience the Physix Gear customer experience phenomenon!


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