TheraBand Door Anchor, for Elastic Resistance Bands & Tubes

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Available in Australia and the USA

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TheraBand Door Anchor

Exercise Equipment to Create Home Gym Workout, Overdoor Station for Overhead Physical Therapy, Upper Body, Shoulder Exercises

TheraBand Elastic Resistance Accessories expand the amount of exercises you can do with TheraBand Professional Resistance Bands and TheraBand Professional Resistance Tubing. They allow for multiple upper and lower body exercises.

TheraBand Door Anchor,

The TheraBand Door Anchor is compatible with resistance bands and tubing for a variety of different workout and exercises. The easy-to-use door fixed point easily attaches to resistance bands and tubing for upper and lower body exercise. The fixture is positioned in the door jam and can be moved to any height providing a versatile and variety of exercise. The door anchor is made of a nylon adjustable strap that securely attaches to door jam during use.






Features of the TheraBand Door Anchor,

  • Designed to be used with either the elastic or rubber bands or tubing
  • Nylon adjustable strap securely attaches to door jam
  • Variable height depending on your preference

TheraBand Door Anchor,


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