Yoga Direct Pilates Toning Ring With Black Cushioned Grips



Pilates Toning Ring

Pilates Toning Rings are used in many Pilates exercises that work to firm and tone arm, leg, buttocks, abdominal, and back muscles. The unique grips on this particular Pilates Ring are cushioned, allowing you to comfortably grip and hold the ring in place as you move. Also unlike other Pilates Rings, the actual ring is covered in soft material and has no sharp or hard surfaces.

yoga direct pilates rings

One of the benefits form these types of Pilates toning Ring is to do physical therapy and pilates exercises at your home. It isthe best priced pilates ring you will find on amazon and it will meets your needs!

It is well constructed and to check why not have your partner do his/her best to test its strength it should bounce back just fine. You will find that this is Good value product!

Features Pilates Toning Ring

  • Arrives assembled for your convenience
  • Lightweight and easy to store in and out of class
  • Foam padded grips
  • Measures 15″ wide
  • Lightweight and portable with no sharp edges



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