Gaiam Yoga Block – Ideal for Yoga Beginners and Masters (Set of Two)


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Gaiam Yoga Block  a Set of 2 –

Supportive Latex-Free EVA Foam Soft Non-Slip Surface

Get the Gaiam Yoga Block in pairs to help you achieve more in your next yoga class.One of the key elements when using these blocks is to understand that they have 3 sides of varying heights and as we process through our stretches and get more flexible  we can change the side on which we place the block to deepen the poses.

With these yoga block you can unlock new stretches and positions that were unattainable before, helping you to improve your core strength and add variety to your workout.

Support your stretch with Gaiam’s two Yoga Essentials Blocks. These lightweight foam blocks provide the stability needed for optimal alignment, deeper poses and increased strength. Used under hands, feet or your seat, Gaiam’s lightweight block ensures proper alignment and safely assists in deepening stretches.

If you feel tight, don’t risk injury – grab a yoga block and enjoy your yoga session.

Constructed of a durable foam with a nonslip surface, available in several colors

  • Blocks measure 14 cm W x 23 cm L x 7.6 cm D
  • Add variety to your routine
  • Great for unlocking new positions during yoga poses
  • Non-slip surface to ensure stability
  • Deepen your stretches and poses
  • Ensure proper alignment during poses
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Yoga’s go-to prop to lift and lengthen your reach.  is lightweight yet stable, with beveled edges for easy gripping. Whether under your hands, feet, or even your seat, our sturdy yoga foam block offers height and support where you need it most.


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