Gaiam Sol Studio Select Power-Grip Yoga Mat (8mm)


Available in Australia and the USA

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Power Grip Yoga Mat

This type of yoga-mat will Shield your joints as well as obtain more comfy throughout your practice with the Studio Select Power-Grip Yoga Mat.  This mat is 8mm thick, the highest level of thicknes on the marketplace, and showcases a fabric-like texture for convenience as well as a no-slip grasp.

yoga mat

Made from environment-friendly natural rubber and made with an interior supporting core that avoids bunching as well as stretching.

  • Thickest yoga mat readily available (8mm) for superior cushioning
  • Safeguards your joints and also offers comfortable padding
  • Structured core avoids bunching or stretching of the floor covering
  • Fabric-like surface area for security and also grasp
  • From the Gaiam Sol Studio Select line of professional-quality mats
  • Natural rubber with an inner maintaining core
  • Life time assurance
  • Environmentally friendly

Gaiam Sol Studio Select Power-Grip Yoga Mat (4 millimeter)

Specifically designed to blend cushioning and stability, the Power-Grip Yoga-Mat is constructed of 100% natural rubber with a specialized stabilizing core that prevents bunching and stretching, while providing a firmer, denser foundation.

Both grounding and supportive, this 4 millimeter mat also offers and amazing fabric-like slip-resistant texture that provides incredible grip, even when wet with perspiration.

yoga mat 1When we evaluate these yoga-mats we tested numerous mats due to the fact that most yogi put there mats through a sensible amount of work, and this floor covering has been an excellent addition.  It really is thick enough, supported sufficient to make use of simply this mat. The yoga-mat appears to be extremely secure popular positions, without any internal gliding or squeezing around, in spite of the thickness.

The surface is a charming blue that is really high hold, that is also steady sought after presents. Some will discover that it is larger compared to various other mats, which is an usually a tradeoff one that a lot of are comfortable with. It does not fit in conventional yoga bags as it is bigger and also much heavier as well as more durable.


Premium Benefits of the yoga mat are: 

  • Made from 100% natural rubber, a sustainable resource
  • Premium mat (4mm) with a fabric-like slip-resistant texture for superior grip and excellent cushioning
  • Specialized stabilizing core prevents bunching and stretching
  • Excellent slip-resistance, even when wet with perspiration
  • 68″L x 24″W x 4mm


Pros of this mat [sic] is that it’s secure, slip-free, and it’s going to stay dry and keep you safe in sweaty humid classes. Cons are that it lacks texture, depth, and it might not be as much cushioning as you want for a traditional non-hot yoga practice. The Gaiam yoga mat is my pick for Bikram yogis and Hot Vinyasa yogis who sweat and know they are going to drench them out.


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