Stamina Pilates Magic Circle – Pilates Ring


Available in Australia and the USA

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The Pilates Magic Circle or as we call it today a Pilates Ring was developed by Joseph-Pilates to be a functional exercise device you can utilize anywhere. The soft rubber ring supplies resistance for quicker, a lot more targeted toning, improving muscle mass toughness throughout the body particularly in issue areas like the inner and external thighs, arms, chest, even the pelvic muscles. This expert top quality Pilates Ring can be used alone or included in your pilates reformer exercise. This Pilates-Ring functions form molded grips to fit pleasantly against your body with an impermeable, molded extra padding that withstands dampness.

stamina pilates magic circle pilates rings

The Pilates Magic Circle was created by Joseph Pilates to be a flexible exercise accessory that you can make use of anywhere. The soft rubber ring offers resistance for faster, more targeted toning to improve muscle toughness throughout the body– as well as especially in problem areas including the inner and also external upper legs, arms, upper body, and also the pelvic muscular tissues. This Magic Circle ( Pilates Ring )flaunts specialist grade, impermeable molded extra padding with form-molded grasps to fit pleasantly against your body, over a steel core ring. The ring can be used alone or included in a Pilates reformer workout.

stamina pilates magic circle pilates rings

The Magic Ring features foam molded padded grips for a secure hold.

Features of the Pilates Ring

  • 14.75-Inch diameter pilates magic circle with professional grade, nonporous, molded padding
  • Designed to improve muscle tone of inner and outer thighs, arms, and chest
  • Steel core ring with foam molded padded grips
  • Created by Joseph Pilates to be a versatile exercise accessory you can use anywhere
  • 90 Day warranty, brown boxed version does not include instructional video


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