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Getting To Know the Basics of Kundalini Yoga

Simple aerobics exercise can tone the body but why just tone the physical aspect when a person can take up yoga and sharpen both body and mind as well? Kundalini Yoga focuses on the achievement of mental and physical perfection for its disciples and bets of all, it is free.

While most yoga disciplines focus on preparing the body for higher meditation, Kundalini Yoga focuses more on achieving the Kundalini energy which is important if a person wants to achieve spiritual perfection.

Kundalini can be best described using the theories of kinetic and potential energy. Kundalini, which literally means coiled up or better known as the snake position, seeks to explore the dormant life energies or forces in the body. Followers of Kundalini Yoga believe that the dormant energies can be awakened with the proper discipline such as the discipline of Kundalini Yoga.

Like the other Yoga types, Kundalini Yoga puts emphasis on the asana as well as chant and meditation to achieve the goal of releasing the hidden and dormant energies lying in the body. While people would look at the poses as mere stretching, it holds a deeper meaning for yoga followers.

While the poses and breathing techniques used by practitioners of Kundalini Yoga are aimed at healing and empowering different body parts specifically the spine, these should not be treated as medical treatments. On the other hand, a person who wants to start practicing Kundalini Yoga should first consult his doctor if the exercises are appropriate for him considering his physical condition or health.

Kundalini Yoga focuses on the awakening of the chakras or centers of energy that are located in different parts of the body from the spine to the head. There are seven centers of energy located in these body parts but there is an eight chakra which is more popularly known as aura.

Practitioners of Kundalini Yoga believe that the aura can be awakened through the asana and the breathing techniques. A person can become physically and mentally healthy and strong if he knows how to awaken this aura and source his energies from that aura.

Practicing Kundalini Yoga is expected to release the hidden energies and potentialities of a person. A person can be more mentally and physically present and alert just by releasing and awakening the hidden energies deep inside the chakras.

A person who follows the Kundalini discipline can develop his conscious and subconscious self and then unify them to achieve the union of the divine leading to a higher level of existence.

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Some people may think that Kundalini Yoga is available only to specific groups of people. However, just about anyone who wants to awaken his inner strength can follow the Kundalini Yoga discipline. A person who wants to minimize the effects of stress in his life or who wants to attain a higher level of meditation or self knowledge can take on Kundalini Yoga.

Unlike other stress relievers which are not only expensive but requires a person to get out of the house, Kundalini Yoga can be practiced for free and even in the confines of the home. No need to spend money on anything but a person who wants to practice Kundalini Yoga should invest time and effort in getting to know the many poses and disciplines of Kundalini Yoga.

Kundalini Yoga has been used to treat people with emotional disorders particularly those suffering from OC or obsessive-compulsive behavior. It has been proven to relax the muscles and relieving bodily and emotional tension.

A person who practices Kundalini Yoga can expect to be more at peace with himself and with his surroundings. He can expect to have an increased energy level and an increase coping mechanism against mental and physical stress.

By bringing out the energies trapped within the body and mind, the Kundalini Yoga disciple will be able to achieve an inner peace and a higher level of existence never before experienced in his life. He will be able to gain more control of his life and of his thoughts.

Anyone who wants to gain spiritual independence should go try Kundalini Yoga and benefit from the physical and emotional maturity that can be gained from this discipline.

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