Finding the Best Certified Yoga Instructor  

What is a Certified Yoga Instructor

Choosing yoga for health improvement is the wisest decision one can make but for yoga to be result oriented, an yoga instructor is required. A yoga instructor is a person who can teach you how can overtake your spirit that is flying off the handle by the means of spiritual exercises. A human body should be in perfect harmony and if you don’t think it to be the case with you, then you probably should find out a certified yoga instructor who can help you. Certified yoga instructors are not hard to find but it is however crucial that you look in the right places. You must continue reading this article carefully to know how you can find one.

yoga instructorFirst off, you must make sure that the atmosphere provided by the instructor you consider looks professional. A good environment with people having a positive approach is important as it will boost your confidence and you will take things seriously. It is important that you check for the places in your locality where the instructors conduct their classes as it will give you a fair idea about the route that you will have to cover in order to get there. A certified yoga instructor must understand your problems in case you have any for taking the classes. Yoga training facilities are quite far off from the colonies as it has to be conducted in a calm environment and if you take a long drive to that place and you think you will reach late, then you must put this fact upfront so that a solution can be found out.

Getting Certified Helps all yoga Instructor

You must exploit the internet facility up to the fullest level as it can give you any detail you want regarding the certified yoga instructor you intend to hit. It is however important for you to keep a track of your budget and other expenses that you make on a regular basis as it can greatly affect the money that will be asked from you for the fee submission. Be sure about the investment and then proceed with a decision after checking whether the yoga classes are flexible or not. By flexible, I mean the classes should make some provisions for you separately if you live at a distant place and have to pass through city traffic to get to the training facility. The more flexible it will be, the more you will have time for preparing yourself for the classes.

So that is how you find a certified yoga instructor for a better yoga experience. Yoga is considered to be a spiritual method of self-healing. If any posture is done wrong, the results don’t come out to be as expected. I am quite convinced that if you devote some quality time in researching about the certification of the yoga instructors and where you would find a list of all certified ones, you will get yourself the most appropriate yoga instructor that will not disappoint you in any respect. I hope this article was helpful and gave you everything you needed regarding certified yoga instructor

Yoga Instructor Salary – Is Money Evil?  

Should Your yoga instructor be paid

How often have you heard that money creates power, and power will corrupt you absolutely? Some Yoga instructors sincerely believe they do not deserve to make money from their teaching skills. After all, earning money will make you less spiritual – right?

Once you become a Yoga instructor you have to come to grips with reality. Is it true that the wealthy are greedy? Many of them give to charity, but some do not. Therefore, having more money does not affect the behavior of giving. Many of the poor give to charity, and some do instructor

Is money (earning a living) the root of all evil? If this is true, then we should give up and do our best to live a poor life of bad health and starvation. Wait a minute: Yogic philosophy is about ending suffering, not creating it.

So, where did all of this negative talk, about a earning a salary as a Yoga instructor come from? I have no idea, but if you want to teach free classes, there will be a never-ending line to your studio door. The trouble is: How will you keep the lights on and the doors open?

If you think it is bad to take money for teaching Yoga, that’s fine. Please save yourself the trouble of opening a Yoga studio, because you have to take student tuition to keep the doors open. You can work full time, for an impossible-to-please boss, at a job you do not like, and teach in your basement for free.

There is nothing wrong with this, until you run yourself ragged. How can a poor, stressed out, and over-worked teacher, on the verge of a nervous breakdown, be a good example of the benefits that Yoga has to offer?

The truth is: Everyone needs money to survive. If it is that easy to make so much, please give it away to the homeless on the street. You will be creating good karma and setting a good example, as a Yoga instructor


prenatal yoga

Yoga Marketing – Are They at Odds?  

How to start yoga marketing

I’m going to start right here: If you follow the 10 Commandments or the Yamas and Niyamas, you should be experiencing the fruit of the Spirit. Having said that, I understand that not all yoga instructors are comfortable with the idea of selling anything – mainly because they think it’s beneath them – not because it’s morally wrong or that the selling process has flaws.

Well maybe they don’t think it’s beneath them, but they don’t want to be in a position to ask anyone for anything OR they associate selling with attachment to materialism. Or maybe they think they don’t have selling skills. (Skills can always be learned, if desired.) Whichever it is even the best yoga instructors will need to start yoga marketing eventually.

I respect anyone who doesn’t want to enter into marketing or selling. If it’s not your thing, it’s not your thing. However, if you ARE into offering products and services beyond your local teaching schedule, you must enter into the process.

yoga marketingAt the very least, yoga and fitness teachers should have a website to highlight themselves as teachers and provide information about their credentials and styles of teaching.

I met a yoga studio owner who was befuddled because she was seeking out good teachers for her studio and couldn’t find any decent websites on teachers in her market. She really had to dig for information on local teachers all due to poor yoga marketing

Lately, I’ve noticed a bunch of yoga teachers who are utilizing the internet to promote themselves, their services, workshops and products. Some of them are doing a really good job. Amy Ippoliti is one good example. Either she is a marketing genius, or she has hired someone to do the work for her. My guess is she has hired someone because her site is so professional and her marketing is pretty seamless and that is the benefit of yoga marketing

Consider for a moment how you are part of the marketing process as a consumer. When you are in the market for something (looking to buy), you will run across your product or service as you seek information. Maybe you need new yoga clothes and you are looking online at Lululemon or Lucy. One of them is going to market to you through advertising, promotion, sales, specials, email letters, coupons or whatever means they can reach you.

Elephant Journal wants your name and email. Yoga Journal wants them too. Who is more commercial than Yoga Journal? They are of course supported by advertising – people selling you stuff they want to sell you. You are buying and the publication lives on.

My point is that I want you to get comfortable with the idea that it’s okay to sell something other people want and need. You don’t have to feel bad about it or ashamed.

Marketing is the process of bringing a product or service from producer to consumer. We live in a thriving marketplace. It’s a huge blessing to be able to offer products and services to an audience hungry to consume what you have.

So next time you mindfully put a judgment on someone who is selling or marketing (even if it’s yourself), see if you can readjust your thinking to know that people want and need what you have for them. They are looking to buy.

I saw a comment in a thread on this subject and the person asked, “how much money to we need anyway?” This had to be referring to the concept of greed. My response was, “as much as it takes to pay our bills the rest of our lives.”

As a yoga teacher, you don’t have to be materialistic; however, you do have to pay the bills! And the bills go on and on and on and on until you die. Are you prepared to retire on your part-time or full-time yoga income? If not, maybe you need to consider selling something (your own product, an affiliate product, a direct sales product as examples) to create an additional source of income for your future – to pay the bills!


Yoga Insurance and Studio Liability Insurance  

What is Yoga Insurance

As a yoga teacher or studio owner, do you have the right kind of yoga insurance? Do you have any insurance at all? Whether you teach part time or run a full blown studio, it is imperative you have good insurance coverage specifically for your line of businss, being teaching yoga.

Fortunately there are several yoga insurance providers. It’s also nice to know yoga insurance isn’t terribly expensive. You can typically get decent coverage for about $200 per year unless you’re running a pretty large studio.

This article is split into two sections. The first lists yoga insurance providers. The second section sets out questions and considerations you should take before buying insurance.

yoga insurance

A. 6 yoga teacher and studio insurance providers you can look into are as follow:

Idea Health and Fitness Association;
Yoga Journal’s Benefits Plus;
Sport and Fitness Insurance Corporation;
IMA Group Inc.;
AYIO Insurance Center; and

B. Considerations before purchasing yoga insurance:
Is any membership in a particular association necessary? What other benefits does membership provide?
Does the insurance policy require you be Yoga Alliance certified?·
As a yoga instructor, does the insurance protect employees and independent contractors or just you as a yoga instructor?
How much does the premium cost? Shop around. Get what suits your needs best.
What is the aggregate annual coverage?
What is the maximum dollar amount of coverage for a single claim?
Are you insured outside of your country? Think about any retreats you instruct at each year.
Does the insurance policy cover you away from your yoga studio?
Think carefully about all the yoga styles taught at your studio and that you instruct. You want to make sure all styles are insured.
Look into how many students attend your classes. If you teach large classes, tell the insurance provider to ensure everyone is covered. Some insurers only cover up to a certain number of students per class.
Do you offer collateral services such as massage therapy and/or Pilates? If so, ensure these services are included in the policy.
Set out all props you use – swings, blocks, bolsters, etc. and inquire whether they are all covered. Aerial props may not be insured.
Is there a deductible? If so, how much?
Are lawyer fees included in the event you’re sued? Are there instances when attorney fees aren’t included?
Make sure you understand the procedure for making a claim. Specifically, when must you make a claim or notify your insurer. This is important because if you fail to notify when you should have, you could be breached which means you’re on your own, including on your own for attorney fees.
What kind of policy do you need?
Injury liability
Professional liability
Advertising liability
Product liability
Premises liability
Sexual Harassment
Due Diligence
Read the coverage exclusions carefully to make certain no activity or aspect of your yoga teaching / yoga studio is not insured.

If you have the funds, hire an attorney and/or insurance broker to assess the yoga insurance policies you are thinking about purchasing. These professionals will be able to inform you specifically about the better policy for your needs and situation.

Don’t put your business and students at risk for failing to spend a couple of hundred dollars a year for insurance. Remember, it’s more for your student protection than your protection.